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We are currently subject to a scam with a company proposing to be us, who are based in Charlotte North Carolina.
Please note aseglobaldesk@admindesk.info is not a valid ASE Global email address.
All our live vacancies and official offices are listed here on the website.

The only way we've managed to build and maintain our reputation at ASE is by recruiting talented and dedicated people. Although our Headquarters is in Manchester (UK), we currently have representatives in 34 countries, providing opportunities for regional and international project work.

We work hard to develop employees as true industry specialists. That means you'll be able to talk to your clients with confidence about the state of the industry, the issues that face their business and the best practice ideas and opportunities that can enhance their profitability.

We don't just recruit on the basis of technical skills - we're looking for people who can work successfully in teams and communicate clearly and effectively with clients. We like people to innovate, collaborate, problem-solve and develop themselves and their career.

If you think you've got the skills and attitude to contribute to our continued success, we'd like to hear from you. Contact us to register yourself confidentially on our system and if a suitable match arises, we'll get in touch!

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