Bespoke Motor Trade Audits

  • ASE's industry understanding means that bespoke audits are devised to focus on the key cash transactions between the dealer and the manufacturer; Standards bonuses, Warranty payments and vehicle bonuses
  • An independent, industry experienced external opinion is provided by ASE and backed with professionally qualified expertise
  • ASE's sector expertise assists with the development of specific work programmes around the key risk areas
  • ASE's 40 years' of motors experience helps to identify key areas of manipulation and the application of 'big picture' thinking
  • ASE's large team of motor trade experts is available to deliver prompt customer service

There are many complexities and unique areas in the motor trade where risk of profit and cash leakage are high, both for the manufacturer and the dealer. ASE have a proven track record of developing bespoke audit solutions so these issues can be identified early, and appropriate action taken.

ASE carry out a variety of bespoke audit projects:

Standards audit

A review of compliance within the dealer network with the manufacturer's corporate standards

Warranty audit

A review of the accuracy of the warranty labour rates across the dealer network.

Vehicle bonus audits

One of the most complex financial areas within a dealer's operation, audits have revealed numerous errors and in some cases fraud.

Bespoke Motor Trade Audits in action

ASE were asked by a major brand to conduct a warranty audit across their entire dealer network. The timescale required was tight - 4 weeks! ASE planned all the visits, getting the necessary 'buy-in' from the dealerships and visiting all the locations within the stated deadline. Such was the robust nature of the auditing process that, of the 250 reviews produced, only 2 resulted in queries of any kind from the manufacturer.