Bespoke Tax Strategies

  • ASE's motor industry knowledge helps to identify areas for reducing tax exposure
  • ASE's pre-eminent tax professionals and automotive understanding combine to minimise or shelter tax liabilities
  • ASE's sector expertise ensures that the impact and application of changing legislation specifically to the motor industry is monitored

The automotive sector suffers taxation on many levels - from all forms of employment tax (PAYE, National Insurance, company car tax, etc) to corporation tax on the hard-earned bottom line profit. Additional taxes are also suffered by the shareholders if and when they choose to extract profits.

At ASE we understand how much effort goes into making even a 1% profit on turnover. These narrow margins mean your tax strategy has to be right to protect that vital bottom line. We offer a range of tax minimisation options - all within the confines of tax legislation and backed by the UK's leading Queen's Counsel - and many of these options are fully insurable.

ASE's range of bespoke tax services includes:

  • Corporate profit minimisation strategies
  • Tax efficient profit extraction
  • Property extraction and disposal
  • Property tax consultancy (e.g. capital allowances and VAT)

Bespoke Tax Strategies in action

When reviewing our first corporation tax computation for a new client, we noted they had undertaken rebuild and refurbishment on 3 of their 4 sites in the previous three years and decided to undertake an investigation of capital allowances claims against accounting depreciation. This revealed that the dealer's previous advisors had never made any related claims. We therefore arranged with the client to review all the expenditure incurred. This generated capital allowances claims giving rise to total tax deductions across the 3 sites in excess of £450,000.