DMS Optimisation

  • ASE's motor industry experience and DMS knowledge helps to optimise the utilisation and output of all leading dealer management systems
  • ASE's DMS operational experience provides an unbiased view to identify the appropriate DMS for your business
  • ASE's A detailed understanding of the processes within a dealership assists to deliver a smooth transfer to a new DMS and integration with the business management system

ASE's experienced motor trade team has extensive knowledge of the majority of DMS systems. Assistance with training and best practice can be provided to ensure maximum benefit is gained from the operation of your DMS system.

As each business is individual most assignments are bespoke to match specific needs, but typically may include:

  • DMS implementation or rectifying poor DMS implementation
  • DMS migration for new systems or change of businesses
  • Development and design of management information reporting tools, including management accounts formats (mapped to match individual DMS packages), cash flow and working capital maintenance and budgetary & forecasting tools
  • Implementation of operating control monitor reports, including daily operating controls, weekly operating controls and vehicle stock profiling
  • Forensic accounting enquiries are possible due to ASE's thorough knowledge of specialist DMS packages
  • Assistance with the production of monthly management accounts and effective month-end procedures
  • DMS familiarisation training for newly appointed accountants
  • Short to medium term cover for members of the finance function to maintain consistent operation of the DMS
  • Help with the input, mapping and reporting for the composite

DMS Optimisation in action

The ASE dealer assistance team were requested to review the operation of the DMS operation as the dealer was experiencing problems which resulted in the repeated delay of the production of their accounts. As well as providing solutions to overcome these operational issues, new processes were implemented to fully optimise the use of the DMS.

Additionally the manual creation of accounts within excel was causing delays, but ASE's automated mapping format was introduced and meant that the management accounts could then be created in minutes.