Independent Business Reviews

  • ASE provide an honest, informed opinion that helps all stakeholders make a considered decision
  • ASE's industry knowledge ensures a prompt response to enable a quick and accurate assessment of a dealership
  • The breadth of knowledge within our in-house team ensures a consistent level of service without the need to rely on one key expert
  • ASE will deliver a solution, rather than just a report, for the benefit of all stakeholders
  • ASE leave a longer term legacy by working alongside operational staff to improve performance

ASE's business tracking tools identify strengths and weaknesses in an operation, but through our many years in the automotive industry we're able to develop, and help implement, action plans to improve efficiency and profitability. We recognise you have to act quickly and this is where our industry specialism plays a key role.

Because of the scale of our team, we can respond promptly and engage our in-house experts before important issues become huge problems. We stay the course, adopting a joined-up approach that gives you the outcome you're looking for. And as experienced analysts and impartial observers, our ideas are more readily embraced by the people who have to apply them.

Independent Business Reviews in action

At the request of the Network Development Manager for a leading manufacturer, ASE were requested to conduct an independent review of an ailing truck and car dealer in France. Shortcomings with operational and financial controls, and the ability of management to address them became evident through the review.

We supported the manufacturer in a meeting between stakeholders and the dealer; as a result the manufacturer parted company with the dealer and a new and subsequently more profitable relationship was signed with another dealer partner.