Motor Trade Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Highlights peak funding issues before they happen
  • Allows dealers to proactively discuss future 'pinch points' with their funders
  • Supports Informed implementation of corrective strategies
  • Aids short & medium term planning
  • Simple to implement and use, minimising the time drain on operational staff
  • A Cloud-based system which can be accessed remotely ensuring the information is where you need it when you need it
  • Provides stakeholders with a consolidated, real-time cash status report for multi-business operations
  • An electronic interface system means it is less prone to human error

Motor retail is one of the most demanding industries for cash and working capital utilisation, forecasting and management. Even highly profitable dealers are susceptible to running out of cash as a result of large cash calls from the manufacturers, finance companies and the VAT-man.

ASE have created a tool to provide dealers with a platform for efficient and effective cash flow management. A Cloud-based tool populated primarily from daily automatic data feeds from the dealer's DMS, it is compatible with all major DMS systems. Being Cloud-based enables it to be accessed remotely with an internet connection, enabling stakeholders to get a real-time, drill-down view into the business.

The tool allows the user to adjust forecasts for different, hypothetical scenarios, 'What if?', making it a powerful and user-friendly tool for financial planning.

Motor Trade Cash Flow Forecasting in action

As a forecasting tool, this has been successfully employed to help the dealership cope with the many variables and cash flow implications associated with selling cars e.g. the anticipated date of sale and the financing options used.

Once installed, it has exposed weaknesses in car delivery systems and the use of funding facilities, enabling the dealership to regain control of its working capital requirements.