Network Review Services

  • Industry knowledge means potential issues with dealer health are identified at an earlier stage
  • 40 years' of automotive experience ensures that objective measures are used to assess the financial health of the dealer network
  • ASE's expertise is used to model potential scenarios, e.g. a declining vehicle parc, and the potential impact on dealer health
  • Understanding the detailed day to day operation of a dealership means it is easy for ASE to allocate actions to team members and track their completion
  • Multiple data feeds allow information to flow from all relevant sources and be stored in a central reference point.
  • ASE's bank of motor industry professionals are experienced in the delivery of reviews across local, regional, national and international networks

ASE are well-placed to give early warning signals about under-performing dealerships, and advise on remedial action. We've developed a market leading Cloud-based risk management tool that enables the health of dealers within a franchise to be assessed on a regular basis, and categorised into red, amber and green.

Required actions, notes and results can easily be allocated, attached and followed up, ensuring control is maintained over the risk management process - even with large teams and international operations.

This reduces risk to key stakeholders, especially when combined with ASE's range of Dealer Support Services e.g. Best Practice Workshops, DMS optimisation/training, financial controls and accounting support.

Network Review Services in action

ASE was engaged by a struggling manufacturer who was facing a significant downturn in sales volume. They were concerned about the potential implications for their dealer network. ASE helped them devise and implement a network tool which minimised risk for all stakeholders.

Various scenarios were modelled and reviewed to understand the impact on the profitability of the network, resulting in the manufacturer implementing a financially sound network restructure. The understanding of the financial impact enabled them to gain the support of the dealers to implement this restructure.