A day in
The life of an
ASE Graduate

We’ve profiled a colleague from across ASE’s global network, and focused on their training.

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Business Analyst,
Shanghai Office

Jovi, a Leeds University MSc graduate, joined ASE back in November 2014 as a Business Analyst. He spent four months at Rowan Court before relocating back to Shanghai, where he was employed at ASE’s China office on a permanent basis.

Jovi’s time in Manchester was spent finding out as much as possible about ASE and its clients, and gaining an insight into how the company operates within the motor industry sector.

Starting off in the Audit department, Jovi worked alongside the Business Management, Service Desk and Software Development teams, as well as participating in some ASE Academy courses and mastering ASE’s systems and tools.

He took these experiences back to the Shanghai office, helping to further improve our services in the Far East.

Jovi said: “One of the most useful parts of my training programme was the opportunity to visit dealerships and to find out how everything works. I spent some time at Lindop Toyota, which is a fantastic dealership with good performance, and I also took part in a composite audit at a VW dealer.

“These two experiences provided excellent benchmarks that I have used when I have trained dealers in Shanghai. The combination of learning the ropes at ASE and these visits provided me with a good knowledge base to build upon when I joined the China office.”