Nov 2019

Financial Conference 2019

ASE’s Annual Financial Conference

27th November 2019


  • Finance and Insurance - Where now? Graham Filmer, Rocket Marketing Associates
    Review of UK 2019 Automotive Profitability and KPI's:
 Mike Jones, Chairman ASE plc
  • Prospects for disrupted PLC dealers 2020 and beyond
 - Mike Allen, Head of Research, Zeus Capital
    What is going to happen going forward towards residuals? - 
Nick King, Insight Director, Auto Trader
  • The 100 Year Life
Paul Andrews, Director, Corinthian Benefits
    Specialist Automotive Finance Initiative
 - James Marquette, Senior Policy Adviser, FLA

  • Key issues in Financial Reporting - Bruce Cowie, BPP Professional Development
    Brexit/General election Tax Update - 
Chris Cummings, Head of Tax, ASE plc. Michelle Malone, Director of Tax, ASE plc

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