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“ASE can help you manage your business remotely”

Article Date: 15 March 2020

“ASE can help you manage your business remotely”

As the UK government continues to make additional announcements in relation to the recent Covid-19 virus the number of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to rise.

Whilst at the moment it is business as usual in the main, we expect that we will see an increase in the number of people required to self-isolate. There will be little that some employees can do during this time, given their job role, many staff will be able to continue the majority of their work, providing they can gain access to your business.

The expertise in the Business Management Division at ASE means that we have the ability to help you to continue to manage your business via helping you setup remote connections for your staff; enabling them to work from home either with your own equipment or utilising equipment that is currently owned by your employees.

If you need extra help to manage your business then we have automotive accountants with DMS experience to lend a hand via remotely connecting to your systems and helping with the general management and financial reporting commitments. E.g. VAT submissions, Composite submissions

If you don’t currently have the processes in place to work remotely ASE can advise on how you can implement the processes and procedures required.

To find out how ASE can provide additional support to your brand and dealers in the first instance - please contact your normal audit and tax contacts.

Alternatively you could send a more specific enquiry via our brand new website and we will respond immediately. Please follow the link below:


Accounts Filing Extension 


Companies House have just announced that they are willing to grant a 30 day extension to the year end accounts filing deadline due to any inability to file on time due to CoVid-19. The application can be made online or by post and they are committing to decide on all applications within 5 days. The application must include the company number, information why you are seeking an extension, and any supporting documents (eg a sick note).


More details can be found via the link below


If you need any assistance with the application, please let ASE know and we can help or even make the application for you.