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ASE Coronavirus Update 20th April

Article Date: 20 April 2020

HMRC has opened the furlough payroll portal this morning, 20th April at 8am.

They are claiming it will process will enable 450,000 users to simultaneously access the portal.

Although the scheme is designed as a one-claim system, it is possible that an employer can claim numerous times to accommodate weekly as well as monthly salaries. I think the better way forward is to make one claim which for most employers will be from the original shut down date – circa 24 March 2020 – until the end  of the month –30 April 2020.

From the guidance, the Governments/HMRCs idea is that the employer runs payroll and claims their furlough grant at the same time, such that the grant will be received at roughly the same time as they make payments through payroll.

We recommend that employers should take their time, spend today checking to make sure that they have calculated everything right and if there is a possibly of having calculations reviewed by their tax agent, have them reviewed before making a claim on the portal.

If this step takes 24 – 48 hours in order to make a claim, then by 22nd or 23rd April employers should be able to run the normal April payroll in time to make payments.

Once the payroll has been run and the grant payment, employers can be confident about the next few days such that they can start making my claim calculations for both May 2020 and June 2020, ready to submit these as necessary on their normal payroll run dates.

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