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How well are your used car sales performing

Article Date: 14 May 2019

From the start of 2019 ASE  have witnessed significantly more demand for used car sales consulting. Please see below the high level details from one of our recent assignments.

On 15th January 2019,  we started to work with one of our UK Dealers to see if we could help reverse current losses.

Trevor Jones says: At that point, first half of the year reported a loss of c £70k with losses likely to continue for second half of the year, so we had to act fast.

After reviewing all the numbers we felt that “Used cars“ was the best focus area and looked at the stock mix in much greater detail.

As a consequence we redesigned the layout of the Inventory, and made sure we received copies of the updated list on a weekly basis.

In addition we have amended the stock list to include the margin % on each car.

The key metrics areas below:


As we can see there is more profit from less stock and still with a way to go – on a positive note ROI for March was 72%.

It is anticipated, with justification, that Break Even should be achieved for the year.  An amazing turnaround in used car sales performance.

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