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Immersive eLearning Experiences For The
Automotive Retail Sector

ASE Automotive AcademyWe have made it our mission to deliver fun and
engaging first class training that will help you
become more profitableASE Automotive Academy

The ASE Automotive Academy is the leading online learning hub for the global automotive retail sector. We work closely with our clients on the design and delivery of our courses to ensure they offer improved business outcomes and help course participants to continuously improve their skills. Our courses will energise the professional development of your teams and enable them to apply their learnings immediately to their day jobs. The ASE Automotive Academy provides improved user experiences, offering more flexible, immersive and personalised learning that will ensure greater participation and course completion.

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 Offering A Range Of Training Courses To Suit Your Individual Needs

 The Benefits Of Online Learning Are Endless With ASE Automotive Academy

  • Virtual-only courses for more effective, sustainable
    and scalable learning
  • Self-directed, flexible and tailored programmes to
    inspire excitement and desire to learn
  • More intuitive learning navigation and immersive
    user experience
  • Transferral of learning into real-time business
    performance improvements
  • Course workbook & toolkits to use
    in the dealership
  • ASE SME’s are constantly updating course materials
    to ensure they are current and relevant

 Find Out Why Everyone Loves Our Courses

ASE Automotive AcademyThe self-learning tutorial covered what is essential for the field workforce i.e. dealership financials, quick wins in dealership operations and how one can contribute in to the growth of the dealership. The topics covered under the various modules were well integrated and offered a unique learning experience. We found the videos explaining each topic and the templates to practice quite engaging.ASE Automotive Academy

Senior retail network manager