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Profitability delivered

We’re very proud of the relationships and trust we have developed with our customers since ASE was established in 1975. Listening, responding and keeping each of them at the heart of what we do means we are constantly innovating to be ahead of their needs.

Our customer’s success has lead to our success. Based on trust and performance delivered, they return to us for new products or in new markets around the world. There is no greater testimonial than that.


Always planned the process effectively and provided regular progress reports.

Volkswagen has worked with ASE for many years, conducting network-wide audits to support the calculation of warranty labour rates. This has also been combined with other Volkswagen Group Brands, resulting in on-site audits of 500 dealers being carried out within a 3 month timescale.

ASE has always planned the process effectively and provide regular weekly progress reports, flagging any issues on a timely basis. They also clearly place a lot of emphasis on a satisfactory review process; to the extent that one year only one query was raised following the submission of results for in excess of 250 retailers. They have also been proactive in making suggestions for improving the overall warranty rate setting process.

Harvey Robbins
Service Development Manager
Audi UK

Dealership Standards & Assurance Services

We’ve been delighted to work with ASE on our transaction.

Their integrity and knowledge of the industry is second to none. The team were always willing and able to assist with the challenges we threw their way.

Peter Brookes
Knights North West

Dealership Acquisitions & Disposals

Service plan values have increased by over 150%.

The platform has given the Harratts Group a huge boost in service retention and it has also given the Service Advisors and Service Managers a much simpler system to work from. We are selling and quoting more plans than ever and our Service Plan customer base is growing by the day.

Graham Greaves
Harratts Group Ltd.

Dealership Aftersales Retention & Profitability

I now have a better overview of my cars.

Since using MiProfiler+ I have had a better overview of my cars, which have helped me lower my days to turn and increase my return on investment. MiProfiler+ gives a top down view of my dealership. It’s helped me work out where the best places to source my cars from and who my best buyers are.

J Edgar
J Edgar & Son Limited

Vehicle Stock Management Software


I have been using the ASE MiProfiler system for a year now and I couldn’t imagine doing my job without this excellent management tool.

It has revolutionised how we do business whereby our Sales Managers now have a greater accountability and focus on:

  • Used vehicle stock holding days – the number one measure of used vehicle performance.
  • Return on Investment in Used vehicle stock which is hugely important in a Group our size – are we investing wisely?
  • Sales per salesperson – are we getting value for money.
  • It has also helped us to segment our stock by value and to identify gaps in our stock profile based on our rates of selling.

MiProfiler in less than one year has increased gross profit per unit by €150 which is material when you are selling 4,000 units plus per year.

Brendan Keary
Keary`s Ireland

Vehicle Stock Management Software

It was my pleasure to work with ASE. Great job.

First of all I would like to express my admiration for ASE’s Convert and Retain programme and their way in delivering it. The programme is simple and rich at the same time, it is showing how we should have an appointment system culture in the company and how to use all opportunities to have more customers and how to deal with each case. The programme is a good guide to the managers, guiding them what to track daily and monthly to improve the business. It is direct to the point without unnecessary materials, without wasting of time. It is a really good programme. And ASE delivered the programme in a nice and professional way.

Muhammad Shalloudi
Asst. General Manager Service
Liberty Automobiles Company LLC
United Arab Emirates

Customer Conversion & Retention Programmes

The actions suggested by ASE were quick, easy and simple to follow.

ASE’s Convert and Retain programme has opened our eyes to the importance of nurturing the sales enquiries and taking care of our service customers. A thorough follow up on these two aspects can increase the business for both Sales & Service. The actions suggested by ASE were quick, easy and simple to follow and by involving the department managers into the discussions, the action points were well accepted by the team.

ASE’s very experienced Consultant had a vast knowledge of the entire automotive business, and that too in different markets. He had a solution to any question raised!.

Payal Sood
CRM Manager
Liberty Automobiles Company LLC
United Arab Emirates

Customer Conversion & Retention Programmes

Helping people look at their business in a whole new way.

ASE recently ran a Network Aftersales course to selected Mazda dealers. The feedback from the delegates was great, one particular comment that stands out for me was from a delegate who had ‘done the job’ for years… He thought that at the start of day he expected to be a number crunching and dissecting KPI’s! Not at all… He went on to say that the way ASE delivered the course via a flip chart and through verbal explanation/discussion, it helped him understand the areas he needed to look at within his department. He now looks at the business in a whole new way, and understands how and where he can positively make a difference.

Philip Eastwood
Network Development Manager
Mazda Motors UK

Automotive Retailer Improvement Consultancy

We have seen a considerable increase in stock turnover.

For companies the size of ours, it is very important to design actions and sales campaigns extending across locations flexible and easy. Additional emphasis lies on being able to exactly define right management and obligations within our group of companies as well as offering our partners a business oriented B2B-access to our vehicle offer. Since the introduction of GMS in our group of companies we cultivate a professional and consistent public appearance and have seen a considerable increase in stock turnover.

Herbert Windholz
Head of Sales, Eisner Auto

Vehicle Stock Marketing Solutions

The auditing service is hugely valuable to us.

ASE’s auditing service is a hugely valuable tool which allows us to have absolute confidence in the composite data we review each month. The audit programme was established with ASE well before they were appointed as our BM provider, and the service has been second to none regardless of the BM provider in situ. The visit reports not only give us a steer on the credibility of the data, but also visibility of the financial performance of each business. This enables us to focus our efforts on the network partners that need help the most whilst ensuring the data we see in composite paints a reflective picture of national performance.

John Allman
Reporting Manager
Group Network Development
Volkswagen Group UK

Automotive Composite Audit

I cannot emphasise enough how valuable their support is to our performance.

ASE have made a huge difference to our business – their industry knowledge is second-to-non but of equal importance is their ability to practically transfer knowledge to financial improvement. We’ve been able to apply more focus to specific areas of the business, such as used cars, which has made a significant impact on our bottom line.

Nathan Tomlinson
Managing Director, Devonshire Motors

Dealership UK Statutory Audit

Ferrari have been very pleased to be a partner of ASE.

The range of services they provide enables us to effectively measure, anticipate and action many of the challenges we face on a global scale. Importantly, the ASE team constantly demonstrate high value added skills with their flexibility of approach plus aptitude in making complex issues easy to understand and digest. This is of critical importance to our field team and dealer network, helping them ‘bridge the gap between knowing and doing’. Over the years we have expanded our relationship with ASE. On each occasion, they have proven themselves to be an invaluable partner, ensuring we move from roll out to reliable data within the quickest period possible.

Paul Smyth
Ferrari S.p.A. Head of Network & Business Development

Automotive Business Management Intelligence

Positively improved our profitability.

Profit By Action is consistently providing our Managers with actionable knowledge that’s having a direct impact on our daily business operations and has positively improved our profitability. We currently have all of our Department Managers taking the Development Courses and plan to expand that to a full Dealership roll out.

Bill Johnston
Managing Partner, Bramgate Automotive Group

Profit by Action Online Training Academy

Fully appreciated that ASE Tax had given our case their best shot.

When we asked ASE Tax to look into the validity of a large NIC assessment issued by HMRC we were very concerned. We were out of our depth technically and needed to put our trust in someone who could take control of the matter and guide us to a successful conclusion. The most important aspect of the work they carried out was the way in which they took control of the problem, explained the issues and enabled us to set our own expectations as to what might occur during the discussions with HMRC.

The fact that our expectations of the final outcome were far less positive than the actual outcome was terrific news but had it been the other way such that we had to pay NIC, we were forewarned, forearmed and fully appreciated that ASE Tax had given our case their best shot.

G Prince
Managing Director, Arthur Prince Group Ltd

Dealership UK Tax Compliance, Planning & Assurance