We remain committed to being the trusted partner of the automotive industry helping to maximise the performance of dealer networks. Our focus is solely on this sector, which we believe means we stand out from the competition. We want to remain the change agent helping our clients to identify new market opportunities.

We are committed to significant investment in our core software platform. We acquired Edentity, a software development house specialising in the design and build of user dashboards and data management applications for complex IT environments.  This provided access to new technology and talent. Now our ambition is to transform our business into a truly technology-enabled company, with the agility and flexibility needed by our clients. 

Operational Excellence
We are not just about innovation but also operational excellence.  For almost 50 years the integrity of our data has always been critical to the value we offer clients. Protecting our client’s information has enabled us to build long-term relationships and trust and underlines the importance of compliance and governance to our culture.

We want to be your trusted advisor in the automotive industry. Whatever your business goals we have the experience, expertise and bespoke solutions shaped over nearly 50 years to help you scale your business for a more profitable future. 

Global Reach

We are committed to expanding our footprint with new offices opening in Brazil, Mexico and Australia in the last 12 months alone.  With presence in 66 markets and offices in 14 countries we can adapt rapidly and with certainty to the needs of our clients and the changing dynamics of the automobile marketplace.

Trusted Experts

Our team is made up of automotive experts who have guided our clients through disruption many times. You can trust us to offer highly focused expert strategy based on detailed, accurate analysis of all your financial data, combined with operational excellence to deliver local bespoke programmes that meet your business goals.

Integrated Propositions

Our Business Management team and in-market Performance Optimisation experts help you extract, collate and analyse your financial data in a meaningful way to identify and assess the opportunities that will drive your profitability. Then, we create the right performance improvement programme to move your business forward.

Track Record

Over almost 50 years we have helped pioneer the core KPIs which have become the mainstay of the global business management sector giving brands the confidence to quickly and accurately determine the impact of their policies on their dealer networks.

Working With The Worlds Leading Automotive Brands