Case Studies

A few examples of where ASE’s team have driven improved performance and mitigated risk, in the global automotive sector

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Profitability delivered

Due to the sensitive nature of where ASE’s performance improvement or risk reduction solutions have been applied, please be aware that many of our case studies have to be anonymous. Each of those illustrated here are a real life experience and references are available to validate them.


Working with ASE is a combination of going back to the basics of running a profitable business with the implementation of new ideas and best practices from a broad experience around the world. We worked together on a business plan for a year and from an operating profit of 200.000€ in the first six months we made 450.000€ in the second half of the year.

Dealer, Gran Canaria
Multi-franchise Dealer Group, The Canary Isles

First six month profit of 200.000€ up
to 450.000€ for second half of year.

& Retention

ASE were tasked to devise a programme to deliver retail performance improvement with nominated dealers for a manufacturer in Turkey.

Success was monitored via the manufacturers CSi KPI’s on a monthly basis. Improved CSi scores were achieved across each KPI by all dealers at the end of the 7 month process, some by almost 5 points.

Notably the feedback from all dealers and the manufacturer was extremely positive.

CSi scores up by almost 5 points

UK Tax Compliance,
Planning &

ASE was approached by the retailer to assist in the process of consolidating the business structure into clear trading and lease divisions, in the most tax efficient manner possible. The business was trading from multiple entities, with differing modus operandi.

ASE’s specialist Motor Industry Tax dept were able to use their experience and knowledge to efficiently reorganise the business to a simplified structure which generated maximum commercial revenue opportunities, and preserved manufacturer and funder relationships.

During the process, Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE, SDLT, FCA and employee relations were considered – providing the retailer with a new business platform from which to excel in the future.

Multi-site, multi-franchise Dealer Group
North of England

Provided a new business platform
from which to excel in the future

Stock Marketing

The Unterberger Group makes use of three different dealer management systems across their 17 locations. Marketing and managing their vehicles on online market places was only possible by manual input.

The amount of different market places caused a lot of effort and was prone to errors resulting in differences in stock between the different market places. Hence the Unterberger Group required a system for automatic parallel distribution of vehicle stock to these market places.

GMS offered the ideal solution to meet their needs.

Data is consolidated via interface in a database and distributed automatically to all market places simultaneously.

GMS offered the ideal solution to
meet their needs.


ASE were asked to undertake a composite audit on an under-performing Dealer who’s trading results were presenting considerable risk concerns to the Brand.

The audit conclusions provided assurance with regard to the accuracy of the data such that the Brand could deploy constructive actions and objectives in conjunction with the Dealer to improve their results and financial position of the Balance Sheet.

Observations around increasing parts stocks, the over-age used car stocks profile, and their aged debt profile provided additional insight to enable a greater understanding of the Dealers financial situation, to bring about clear focus on the immediate priorities.

Improved Dealer Balance Sheet

Dealer Group

ASE were asked to undertake a composite audit for a particular site within a small Investor Group. As a direct result, the auditor was able to consider the whole Group’s composite submission processes, and upon highlighting a number of inconsistencies between sites, was able to propose a new simplified Group approach. This generated absolute consistency between all sites, through a centralised data import function, which meant that future editing of the mappings table could be managed once to the benefit of all sites.

The revised process saves the Dealer’s accounts team significant time each month when submitting data, whilst providing more reliable results to the Brand.

Improved in-Group data consistency
and time saving for the accounts team


“We use the composite system to drive profitability and improve our dealers performance in Poland. Thanks to good quality data and dealer awareness we are able to monitor trends and quickly react to them planning proper actions.

Our key objective is to have a profitable and sustainable network of dealers. We have executed a number of consulting and training initiatives together with ASE that has helped to achieve that goal”

General Motors, Poland Network
Development, Business Management & Used Cars

Able to monitor trends and quickly
react to them planning proper actions

Profit by Action
Online Training

The national Field Team of a manufacturer in Canada completed ASE’s Profit by Action online pre-test. A series of face to face training courses were then conducted by the Profit by Action consultants.

The results of the post-training online re-tests illustrated significant improvements.

Accounting Basics:
pre training performance avg. 66% v post training performance avg. 84%

KPI Understanding:
pre training performance avg. 40% v post training performance avg. 100%

127% Improvement in Accounting Basics
250% Improvement in KPI Understanding

Standards &
Assurance Services

ASE were brought in to aid a multi-dealer business, whose auditing work was proving problematic.

It became apparent how much value ASE could bring to the business, and we were asked to conduct a more wide-reaching review of internal financial practices, including the development of a bespoke accounting manual and work programmes.

This initially short term transactional relationship evolved into long-standing partnership, which continues to this day.

Relationship evolved into a
current long-standing partnership