Performance Improvement

Maximising The Performance Of Your Retail Dealer Networks Through Our Trusted Local Experts.

Using a rigorous approach to coaching and training programmes our Profit/Performance Optimisation team helps you address challenges facing your retail automotive business, perform turnarounds in your dealer network and maximise profitability.

Integrated Business Management and Performance Optimisation Expertise
Working together with our Business Management team, our in-market Profit Optimisation experts help you understand what your financial data is telling you about your performance and how to react to market trends.  

Structured, Targeted Performance Optimisation Planning
We use a range of Performance Improvement Programmes that provide a structured framework to enhance the performance of your dealer networks by addressing business priorities including: full dealer operational reviews, departmental reviews, new car sales processes, used car planning, electrification readiness, customer satisfaction and retention programmes and manufacturer field team training.

Outcome-Focused Performance Optimisation
Our core mission is to identify and assess the opportunities that will drive your profitability and help to take decisive action at the dealership level to truly differentiate your business.

Dealer Performance Improvement Programmes

We enable our clients to analyse balance sheet performance and manage their assets to drive efficiencies and greater profitability.

We work face-to-face with our clients to deliver performance improvement and turnaround programmes, addressing a variety of profit drivers, including new and used vehicle sales, customer satisfaction, aftersales and dealer management training. 

Customised Structured Programmes

Using a mixture of individual coaching, workshops and peer-group performance symposia we provide customised structured programmes to meet the specific needs of our clients across their international networks to deliver meaningful outcomes.

Local Automotive Experts

We understand the challenges of running a global business, which has so many local distinctions. It is why we have built up a team of passionate automotive experts in 66 countries around the world, who understand how to translate global ambitions into effective local strategies.

We Pioneered the Industry KPI`s to Inform 

We helped pioneer the key performance indicators (KPIs), which have become the mainstay of the global automotive industry.  Our KPIs go deeper beyond income statements to extract the critical information from the balance sheet and qualify it against activity and asset management data. This enables us to acquire accurate composite data from your dealership networks to inform your decision making processes. 

Conversion And Retention Of Customers

Using a mix of scalable solutions and access to our industry leading experts, we have developed automotive industry specific processes to qualify the customer’s position in the car owning lifecycle. We offer programmes, such as coaching and mentoring of leadership teams, to help our clients drive revenue growth anywhere in the world.

 Our Services

  • Succession Planning and Company Restructuring Service

  • Profit Ops

  • Maximise your Property Portfolio

  • Business protection insurance

  • Future-proof Regulatory Planning

  • Forecasting and Business Transition Modelling

  • Risk Mitigation Early Warning System

  • Forensic Accounting and Expert Witness Engagements

Succession Planning and Company Restructuring Service

Succession planning and restructure of a company are the most important, but also high-risk ventures for any CEO or independent business owner. Get it right and you can secure the long-term future of the business. Having worked with family and shareholder-owned over many years, ASE Automotive Solutions has provided strategic counsel to business owners on the most tax efficient options for succession planning; be that family or non-family ownership transfer, management buyout or selling the business off. 

Profit Ops

At a time of intense pressure on margins and profitability, brands and their dealer networks need to have greater confidence in the accuracy of their financial reporting and forecasting. Using ASE’s industry recognised KPIs to measure financial composite data clients can identify exceptional business insights, which improve profitability. Using ASE’s wealth of industry knowledge and experience, brands and dealers can also evaluate and remedy business challenges at under-performing dealerships to build more effective businesses. 

Maximise your Property Portfolio

As the retail automotive industry evolves the role of property for dealers is changing. In the future there may be less requirement for showrooms, but that does not change the integral value of the property. ASE has developed sophisticated tools to help dealers understand the intrinsic value of property assets. Using our unrivalled industry network and experience, ASE provides professional services to help clients make best use of these assets, including selling them off for the best and most competitive price. 

Business protection insurance

If you run your own business, it is important to consider what business protection should be put in place if key staff or shareholders are taken ill or passed away. Dealers also need to consider the consequences for repaying business loans when faced with such sudden or unexpected developments and their impact on the smooth running of the business. ASE’s expert advisors can guide clients to identify the appropriate business protection insurance, covering a range of eventualities including key person, shareholder or partnership and business loan protection. 

Future-proof Regulatory Planning

The growth of electric vehicles and the prospect of autonomous vehicles and mobility services is radically changing the sales and servicing model for automotive industry. We help our clients to understand the implications of future regulatory changes for their businesses and plot more accurate financial forecasting informed by the most comprehensive datasets and analysed by trusted automotive financial experts. 

Forecasting and Business Transition Modelling

Automotive retail businesses are notoriously complex to accurately model.? Our experience in the sector means we are able to identify the relevant drivers and key ‘change metrics’ within the information presented, and thus we develop real world scenarios which encompass Profit & Loss, Funds Flow and Working Capital analysis.? 

Whether you are to grow organically, or through acquisition, to simplify your current business model or to assess the impact of the shift towards an Agency agreement, our experience will deliver a credible output to your key stakeholders. 

Risk Mitigation Early Warning System

Operating for nearly 50 years we have supported our UK clients through every type of risk scenario – strategic and reputation, regulatory, financial, operational, cybersecurity.? Our comprehensive financial data analysis and strategy planning helps our clients assure they have a clear and comprehensive picture of their business performance as they seek to mitigate risk and maximise opportunities for growth. 

Forensic Accounting and Expert Witness Engagements

The Retail Automotive industry adopts bespoke accounting software and financial systems.? Whether it be investigating a minute item of detail within a Dealer Management System, borne from experience to support a forensic report, or a Strategic View of the industry, we have the expertise and the experience to deliver against a complex brief.